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I really thought she was great and my heart went out to her when I read in the Sunday Times that she actually miscarried her baby.

Everything that she went through on set was like reliving the moment of losing her child and what we saw was a mother's real pain.

It was real and though it must have taken a lot for her to go through it, I really wanna thank her for doing all of that just to give us a good show. WEll personally I thnk th dude is a straight up sissy bt nt gay.

I feel very bad bad when such sexy sistas like shuga are drooling over ths Andile , I thnk he is a false alarm.

Perhaps u ladies shud try hookin up wit me instead{Habashwe Eish guys, i stood up for andile when he was called gay, and did the same thing for Dj Cleo, but a few weeks back I was watching Zola 7 (the story for the woman with huge breasts), and there they were together (Dj Cleo and Andile), and they donated R10 000 (Gawd bless them) or so.

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