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There’s also an UNCOMMEN blog that gives neglectful husbands like Josh Duggar tips on how to please their wives.

According to UNCOMMEN, Josh should gift Anna Duggar with waterproof mascara and shower her with compliments.

In the promo video below for the UNCOMMEN app, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar try to convince fathers to use the app by talking about how difficult it is to “stay connected to your kids.” “We encourage you to be the dad that you should be,” Jim Bob Duggar says.

As the previously reported, some legal experts suggested that Josh’s parents could have been charged with Permitting Abuse of a Minor (Arkansas Code 5-27-221) had the statute of limitations not run out before their family’s dark secret was exposed.

However, neither Josh nor his parents were charged with any crime, and it appears as though the Duggars are slowly trying to rebuild their image by marketing themselves as imperfect people who are striving to do better.

The Executive Director of UNCOMMEN, Dee Lanier, has a background in ministry, so his religious views likely have something to do with why Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were asked to appear in his organization’s promo video.

Do Josh Duggar’s parents think there’s an app for helping their son become a better man?

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recently endorsed an app that encourages men to work on their relationships with their wives and kids, and it’s possible that the parents discovered it while they were searching for ways to encourage Josh to stay faithful to his wife.

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