Sex chat room for women no sign up - Why are all dating sites fake

Unless of course we’re missing something, one never knows.

Fake profiles are quite a different story than inactive members.

I’ve written about dating sites leaving inactive profiles up too long for years. Match is being singled out here because they are the Market leader and named in the lawsuit.

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Lawyers won’t sue a free dating site, at least not the ones I’ve talked to.

Pockets aren’t deep enough to justify the amount of work required to win the big money. Those are the fertile training grounds for spammers and scammers and chock-full of fake and inactive profiles.

People are generally ignorant about how scammers work on the Internet, and that fuels these kinds of allegations.

By now most of you have heard about being sued for not removing inactive members in a timely manner (among other things like displaying fake profiles).

Looks like someone interviewed a bunch of ex-Match employees and contractors and figured out they had a case against Match.

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