Wsus computer not updating

WSUS clients that normally report in to the WSUS console sometimes stop reporting even though they are still receiving and applying updates.The following Registry settings define the update location for the WSUS Agent: Firstly, check the WSUS log here: C:\Windows\Windows If the Group Policy has been correctly applied, the agent will reflect this and should show the following on consecutive lines during an update: I have seen this setting changed to “0” which simply needs to be changed back to “1”, force a Windows Update and once it has returned a result, issue the update commands “wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow” and “wuauclt /reportnow”.Hopefully you should now see the client reporting correctly in the WSUS Console.

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This will re-populate the “Software Distribution” folder, after which you can re-issue the two update commands and the client should now report correctly to the WSUS Console.

After you set up a client computer, it may take a few minutes before it appears on the Computers page in the WSUS console (this console is available to admins running their own WSUS server, but not for admins who point their clients at the CITES WSUS server).

For client computers configured with an Active Directory-based GPO, it can take about 20 minutes after Group Policy refreshes (that is, applies any new settings to the client computer).

By default, Group Policy refreshes in the background every 90 minutes, with a random offset of 0 to 30 minutes.

If you want to refresh Group Policy sooner, you can go to a command prompt on the client computer and type in a console with Administrative permissions: gpupdate /force.

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