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Make sure to store the FL in a clean dry non air tight enviorment. A daily drink of Cranberry Juice - not the watered down shit - will acidify your piss and better protect from bugs getting to your bladder. Tell your GF or wife to piss after sex to kill bugs as women get urinary tract infections a bit more than men.

This can be prevented by regular cleaning and powdering. If you are too sensitive a second washing with anti- bacterial soap could help.

The FL material gets sticky and can collect dirt if left to accumulate dust particles. I just cover my insert with cornstarch and rubbed it off with my hands until you can't see any cornstarch left.. You ought to wash the stuff off after use, piss and if you can stand it give yourself a once over with the alcohol.

Black spots usually develop if the insert is being put back in the case when it isn't fully dry. The material can get gritty if the fleshlight is not stored in a clean enviorment. If you use X-Gum, remember you are subject to live organisms.

The FAQs on the Fleshlight website talk about the black spots. As musicman mentioned try a isopropyl alcohol bath, mix the alcohol in warm about 50 water/50 iso-alcohol. It's a good idea to use the alcohol before and after to kill any biological bugs. something doesnt add up, but im glad u fixed the problem Iono.

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