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I purchased two sunrooms (at the same time) in 2012 from Four Seasons Sunrooms in Springfield MO. It never occurred to me that the salesperson should have told us not to get an all glass sunroom because of the heat.

While the product itself is nice enough, customer service beginning from the time of construction and continuing to now is the worst I have ever encountered. Well we tinted the windows which cost us a fortune. Shades would cost thousands of dollars so the room is hardly used in the summer. I wish I could tear the whole thing down but that would be a waste of $30,000.

Warranty repairs are not made, phone calls are not returned, appointments not kept, and the people who answer the phone seem to know nothing at all about the product or the business and simply promise "we'll call you right back". I should have extended my kitchen and forgotten about the sunroom.

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Our prime objective is to ensure that you have the most cost effective finance function possible, at a price you can afford to pay.

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