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With Izy Mail, you can even access all your online folders as if they were local. Mail suggest British spellings when you type, breathe and send U. You are composing an email to your Russian friend in Russian? Mail account in Outlook Express and send mail conveniently, too.

Find out here how to set up on-demand passwords, how to disable them if you need to and how to keep your account secure if you lose your phone.

If passwords are either easy to hack or necessarily written down, how about going password-free? Mail Access Key, you can—and log on to your email securely using just a mobile device and app. Mail to Gmail and keep all your mail, folders and contacts? Mail but your addresses are in Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail or Facebook maybe? Mail as your default email program in Windows for occasions like these. Want to make sure your contacts always and automatically have your current contact information? Mail push changes address card changes you make to connections automatically — and get updates from them, too. Mail encounters a suspicious log-in attempt (from a new country, say, and computer), it can put up a second authentication hurdle after the password: two-step verification demands a code received via mobile phone or answering security questions. Now find out how to add a picture to your signature, how to set up your own mailing lists, how to filter spam, powerful keyboard shortcuts and so much more.

Here's how to import your messages as well as your address book from Yahoo! Here's how to import names and addresses and other contact information swiftly into Yahoo! When you click an email link or try to send a file from Word, for example, an obscure email program comes up while you would much rather use Yahoo! Messages have inexplicably disappeared from your Yahoo! You emptied the "Trash" folder with an important message inside? Don't care to type the same message text again and again? Mail drafts like message templates and start oft composed emails with subjects, body text or recipients already filled in.

Here's how to undelete mail and recover lost messages by restoring Yahoo! To answer an email, all you need is a field for your reply? Mail with just that simple field (and no new recipients, subjects, attachments and formatting to distract you). Mail Classic, well, classic but don't want to give up on the newer version entirely?

Want to refer to one email and another while composing your reply?

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