Yustman dating

and Eliza Coupe people are going to watch no matter how bad it is.

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If TV execs were smart, they would lock this show in for another 5 years because Elisha in a tight tank top makes tighty whities even tighter. Elisha Cuthbert on the other hand, who's also dating a Canadian hockey douche, seems to have completely let herself go. Here she is out shopping looking all dumpy and not very “Girl Next Door’ish”.

It’s too bad because she has the capability of being one of the hottest pieces of ass out there... However it seems, she does care about driving a nice car...

Let’s hope she changes that attitude around because to keep being able to afford luxuries like that, you’ve got to show the goods. This is what you should expect to see when you get a fitness magazine geared for men, not some bulky dude on the cover.

They need more chicks like Elisha and then maybe I’d have some motivation to pump iron...

and not that kind (take you mind out of the gutter!

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